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"Feast of Tabernacles"

In Panama City, Florida

Dates pending --
Keep the feast unto Yahweh seven days, October 6 through October 12, 2017

Keep the last great day on (October 13), 2017 with
The Congregation of Yahweh
at Panama City.

We will tentatively bee keeping the Feast at Resoration Ranch in Bascom, Florida.
6712 Cedar Pond Rd.
Bascon, FL 32423
  Plan to fellowship with Yahweh's people.  We expect a great outpouring of the holy spirit as we study the Scriptures.   Come and keep the feast with joy just as Yahweh commanded.

There are many motels and restaurants in the area, also many things to see and do.   We will send information for motels on request.  If you need our help in locating accommodations, please call.

Congregation phone: (850) 522-YHWH (9494)

Night phone: (850) 215-5385

Day phone: (850) 784-0663