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Congregation of YHWH, Panama City

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Congregation of Yahweh a racist organization?
No it is not. There are many groups which use the name YHWH which are racist, but we are not racists. We welcome all people who are sincerely interested in studying Scripture regardless of race, color, or religion.

Is the Congregation of Yahweh a Jewish organization or is it based on the Jewish faith?
No, we are not Jewish, nor are we afiliated with any Jewish or Christian organization.

Is the Congregation of Yahweh a cult?
In order to answer this question, we must give a definition of cult since the word cult has so many meanings. We define cult as a group or organization that seeks to control or exploit members' lives, beliefs, finances, or thought processes. We have no rules as an organization except those which are necessary for conduct of any meeting. These are the same unwritten rules which are used at any meeting. We do not try to make people feel guilty about any of their beliefs even if those beliefs conflict with those of the majority of our members. We believe in freedom of thought. We do not pass around an "offering" plate nor do we track who gives money. We do not use any "mind control" techniques. We do, however, encourage people to do independent study, reading, and research. We do not wish to direct this research, but we are willing to answer questions to the best of our knowlege if asked.

Does the Congregation of Yahweh believe it is the only path to salvation?
No, we are not infallable. No faith is. As a matter of fact, most of the congregation believe a vast majority of people will achieve salvation. We believe that there are so many people out there who have never had a chance to learn about the Scriptures. There are so many religions, cults, and other organizations passing out conflicting information that leads to mass confusion. Just because someone has had a Bible read to them does not mean they had a real chance to learn about salvation. How many people throughout history have used the Bible to justify misdeeds? There are many. Most of the people in our fellowship believe that when Messiah returns, He will instruct the people on what is truth. While many people in organized religion are saying that MOST people will suffer a fiery torment lasting forever and ever, we on the other hand proclaim the GOOD NEWS of the Kingdom!

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